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Founding team: (Left to right) Junior, Hulda & Katya)

“You should use these to help people” 

And that is the purpose behind MoMa’s Cookies. 


But why Cookies? And why vegan cookies?

Simple. Cookies are one of those treats that can be enjoyed on a rarity or regularity but the simple  sweet touch adds a smile to anyone’s face. Vegan? Because anyone can enjoy them and we want to encourage non-vegan, vegans and curious folk to try something new.


So who would’ve thought. A cookie to change someone’s life? Why not!


Our story began when our Co-Founder, Hulda (Ma) was dealing with trauma. Whilst on her journey of healing she crossed paths with Junior (Mo) who was/is a fighter of epilepsy. Whilst they shared their stories of battle and triumph, they decided to combine their testimonies and create MoMa’s.

A brand/organisation that gives back to the local community, as they recognised the importance of charitable organisations who support individuals who are going through their own battles. 


MoMa’s Cookies was birthed and partner, Katya joined the team. Katya has faced many challenges but has always dreamed of running a business and act on her passion for baking.


Katya says: “I was inspired to be part of this business venture for two key reasons: to be part of a business that focuses on the community helping others and producing a product that makes people happy. I have seen Hulda grow up and became this considerate person, who is always keen to help others, which brought along Junior, who is a very calm and easygoing person. Making cookies together has become a natural way of sharing compassion and empathy to those communities around us who are in need.”

Katya and Hulda.jpeg

Core team: Katya & Hulda