Hello! :) Just wanted to share a little bit about who we are and what we do. We're MoMa's Cookies!  A social enterprise that sells vegan cookies. Our model is simple, we  stride to support local community organisation through the sale of our vegan cookies. You can buy some on our online store! Our goal is to grow and work more closely with local businesses to collectively support community-focused organisations.

Check out our team and timeline below.



Katya and Hulda.jpeg

Meet Katya!

"I've always dreamed of running a busniess and I was inspired to be part of this business venture for two key reasons: to be part of a business that focuses on the community helping others and producing a product that makes people happy."

Meet Hulda!

"Life is so up and down and having dealt with trauma, one thing that has been fundamental in overcoming hardship, has been community. Conclusion: We should use these cookies to help people and give back to community organisations that give everything".


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