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Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Collaboration with Happy Hood in support for Age UK Northamptonshire

We are super excited to be launching this new campaign with Happy Hood with hopes to raise awareness and funds for Age UK Northamptonshire (Registered Charity No. 1059995).

Laura Graham, Founder of Happy Hood says "I used to work with them and they support over 15,000 older people across the county every year. Despite the national name, they are actually an entirely locally funded charity".

Providing support and services to older people, Age UK Northamptonshire have been doing their best to combat some of the challenges that have come with the lockdown restrictions

"'Lockdown' has been a major challenge for older people in Northamptonshire and social isolation can be a horrible and detrimental experience for so many. We will do as much as we can to combat that social isolation by keeping our services open and our clients supported" - Age UK Northamptonshire.

Want to support? Now more than ever your support is needed!

Head on over to and get yourself a MoMa's Cookies Box where 25% of profits will be donated to Age UK Northamptonshire.

Find out more about the incredible organisation that choose to support Age UK Northamptonshire, The Happy Hood, here:

Find out more about the great work Age UK Northamptonshire are doing here:

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