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*Please Read* Amelia’s Aim was set up by an old school friend of mine Chloe and her partner Stefan when they went through the unthinkable. On the 6th July 2018 Chloe and Stefan became parents to two beautiful baby girls Amelia and Harley. Sadly Amelia passed away shortly after birth.

During their time in the hospital they were given a cuddle cot which allowed them to spend more time with her. Cuddle cots allow families like Chloe’s to spend valuable time with their baby in a more comfortable environment including the opportunity to take their baby home. Sadly these cuddle cots are numbered which is why Chloe and Stefan started Amelia’s Aim to give more families the same opportunity that they had.

MoMa's Cookies asked me to be a part of their fantastic Advocacy Programme which has allowed me to choose a charity or cause of my choice that means something to me.

I chose Amelia’s Aim because it is an amazing cause which I feel not enough people know about or are even aware of, created by someone I grew up with and her partner. The cuddle cots are for Birmingham Hospital which is also with in my local community.

With every box of cookies purchased using my discount code ShannonMoMas20, around 15% of the profits will go towards Amelia’s Aim, how fantastic is that! Head over to to purchase your box.

If you want to find out more about Amelia’s Aim and be apart of their journey then here is the link for their Facebook page where there are always other ways you can be involved.

They also have a GoFundMe page .

Thankyou if you took the time to read this 🦋

To support Shannon's Programme use discount code: ShannonMoMas20 upon checkout
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