Body & Soul Charity - The Impact of Trauma

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Julianna Garcia

When MoMa’s Cookies UK approached me to take part in an advocacy programme to help raise awareness to local charities that are working hard to help millions of people and our communities, I thought instantly how much I would love to take part in such a great opportunity, the charity I have chosen is called Body& Soul, their aim is to help people that have experienced traumatic events during their childhood, whether it be abuse, neglection, trafficking, attempted suicide or have been stigmatised by HIV as well as various more factors.

They refer this as Adverse childhood experiences (ACE) and it has been proven to have long lasting impacts on a person's life, their brain as well as their body are affected and the person’s overall health, the charity hold a scientific approach, and provide clinical expert advice to individuals, they also carry out activities such as workshops, psychotherapy and legal advice, discussion groups, in turn making the charity a comfortable and safe environment for all people from different walks of life.

Not only do people who have experienced traumatic events at a young age experience pain, suffering and stress throughout the majority of their adult lives, but scientific evidence has found that this correlates to later being more susceptible to developing other health side effects for instance cancer, cardiovascular disorders, mental health issues and shortened life expectancy, so why should we stand by and allow this to happen? When we instead can work collectively as a community to help one another, to bring awareness to these important matters that we try so hard to ignore or act oblivious to.

With the current climate of the Covid-19,

we all have experienced some sort of loss or hurt, either lost loved ones or felt loneliness, uncertainty, sadness or stress, now more than ever we need to work together to raise attention to mental health and work hard together to make the practices that the charity Body& Soul provide accessible to all, no matter what race, gender and age you are, we can all make a difference to the lives of many.

My aim is to create awareness to my chosen charity Body & Soul, so feel free to show some love and spread the word and help bring further support for the charity.

Find out more about Body & Soul Charity:

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