Brixton Soup Kitchen - Giving a Helping Hand

Patrick Ballestereos

The only thing that separates our lives and another person’s is circumstance. Had we experienced what they’ve experienced. If we saw the world through their eyes. Perhaps it would be us in a similar position.

For many reasons, people find themselves homeless or in need. For many it wasn’t a choice and for those who did decide, it must not have been an easy decision to make.

Although we may never fully understand what someone is going through, what we can understand is the human capacity to be kind. To help. Because again, the only thing separating us and another person, is circumstance.

I’ve teamed up with MoMa’s Cookies to help support Brixton Soup Kitchen, a South London based service that helps the homeless and people in need.

Before the Coronavirus outbreak, they provided a space where people can get a hot meal as well as provide other services like legal advice and a clothes bank. During the outbreak, they’ve continued to do their work by providing food packages to those who need them.

I hope to raise awareness of the amazing work Brixton Soup Kitchen does through MoMa’s Cookies Advocacy Programme. My wish is that by donating to Brixton Soup Kitchen, we can help them continue their work in reaching out and helping people whose circumstance needs it.

Find out more about Brixton Soup Kitchen:

Contribute towards their work using discount code: PatrickMoMas20
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