Hope Centre - tackling homelessness, rebuilding lives

Gheorghia Costandachi

It is amazing to know that you can get support and assistance form people with good will. In situations when you do not have a home, being able to have a small shelter and some food is the best blessing that a person can have. I came with family in UK some years ago and understand how it feels when you have the risk to be homeless and constantly change places.

I do feel grateful to be part of MoMa’s project, which stands for social causes. I chose to be part of Moma’s Advocacy Programme to raise awareness of Northampton Hope Centre and the great job they do to support homeless and vulnerable people. I hope this action will contribute to the improvement of Northampton community and social issues it carries.

Find out more about Hope Centre here:

To support Hope Centre and contribute towards Gheorghia's programme, please use discount code: GheorghiaMoMas10 upon checkout

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