KidsAid - Healing the Hurt

Bianca Cruceru

“I’ve seen how countless young lives can be irreparably damaged by abuse, bereavement, illness or bullying or any of a host of traumas to which today’s children may be exposed. Such damage can lead on to behavioural problems, academic under-performance, failed social relationships and poor parenting skills. This all passes the injury onto the next generation. By intervening early, we aim to help the children cope with their problems and so mitigate or prevent the later impact.”

- Retired paediatrician, Nicholas Griffin chairs KidsAid

A cookie that fulfils more than just a tummy - that’s how I’ve always seen MoMa’s. When MoMa’s Cookies approaches me to be part of their Advocacy Programme I couldn’t have been more excited! I’ve started thinking more and more of what is truly important and what should be the charity of my choice and that’s when I found KidsAid. I’ve teamed up with MoMa’s and KidsAid to raise awareness of how important it is to support and help children as young as the age of 3 and young people up to the age of 18 and further (or how I like to call them - Superheroes) overcome past or current traumas. I’ve realised how essential it is to have that one person listening and trying to help you to figure out your life when you most need it and how this could define in a way or another the rest of it.

Traumas cannot be “wiped off” sadly but with the support, love and care needed these could be overcome and will enable children to see life beyond it and understand how amazing it is. We all had our own traumatic experiences in life regardless of the age. We all know how it feels and wish that someone could be there to protect and look after you and that’s what KidsAid does. They offer therapeutic help and support through Play Therapy, Art Therapy and Drama Therapy, as well as Protective Behaviours work and Child/Adult Relationship Counselling.

A special thank you goes to MoMa’s Cookies for being so incredibly active and involved in all these amazing causes fundraiser for so far as well as encouraging others to participate and become advocates for their own superhero charity. 

Now you can give something back too - go grab a sweet vegan treat, get yourself a discount and contribute with a little something towards a good cause! 

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