Right Resolution CIC - Supporting young people leaving care

Nayfin Abdull

Right Resolution Community Interest Company (CIC), is a not for profit organisation. Based in Northamptonshire and Peterborough, they have played key roles in supporting young people leaving care between the ages of 16-24 “on their individual needs”.

Their work involves providing extra support and guidance by preparing and “running projects that involve the development of skills, experience and lifelong learning”.

I have teamed up with MoMa’s Cookies to help Right Resolution CIC because they are dedicated to giving young people leaving care support.

They work to provide opportunities which can help young people leaving care with the transition into education, employment and training; this may include advice with their CVs and interview preparation. A small CIC like this needs the recognition because they are committed to guiding, helping and developing young people leaving care.

To find out more about Right Resolution CIC visit:

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