Sickle Cell Society - you can make a difference, so why not do it.

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

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For this month, we have been supporting Sickle Cell Society as part of Black History Month. It’s been really interesting to find out more about some of the needs of people who are impacted by the condition.

Our three advocates, Robert, Miriam and Aaron have been sharing some key information about why the work that Sickle Cell Society do is important. As well as fundraising for the organisation by promoting MoMa’s Cookies (percent per box sold is donated to Sickle Cell Society).

It’s been particularly amazing to see them highlight the importance of blood donations. After having the pleasure of speaking to Tito Oye (creator of 'HerSickledJourney'), who has been directly impacted by Sickle Cell, we learnt a bit more about the condition, the importance of raising awareness, especially by sharing personal stories and the urgent need for black-heritage blood donors in the UK.

Over 15,000 people are impacted by Sickle Cell in the UK alone and the blood condition primarily affects black people. Unfortunately, only 1% of blood donors in the UK are of black-heritage. This is where the Sickle Cell Society’s projects “South London Gives” and “Give Blood, Spread Love”, Tito’s amazing advocacy and MoMa’s Advocates; Miriam, Robert and Aaron all come into play. We are on a mission to bring awareness on the importance of blood donations and spread the word within the black-community.

So here is what you can do to help:

  1. Donate blood - You have no idea who you could be helping -

  2. Buy a cookie box! We are so humbled to be able to support Sickle Cell Society this month, so make your contribution so that the work that they do can continue to expand.

  3. Do both! Be that superhero!

Just to make the deal even sweeter, Sickle Cell Society are running monthly competitions so be sure to follow @givebloodspreadlove on Instagram to get involved.

You can make a difference... so why not do it?
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