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Ania Couchinho

Currently I am writing a dissertation on the healthcare exclusion of Black women. It is clear black women are already excluded from society. However, this is crucial when it comes to the exclusion of black women from essential services. Not exclusion in the sense that they’re overtly racist, but in the way that education is taught from a white narrative, healthcare officials ignore black women’s pain and their rate of unemployment is three times higher than that of the national average.

52% of black African women experience late HIV diagnosis. This is due to the marginalisation black women face in society, that is then translated into the amount of care they are given. Women with HIV face several intersecting barriers that prevent them to fully participate in society. This varies from their romantic relationships, stigma, mental health, economic factors. But on top of that Black women face these issues on top of their other forms of exclusion.

I am advocating for Sophia Forum because not only do they understand the unique difficulties women with HIV face, but they work hard to explore the difficulties Positive Black Women encounter. The main thing black women need is appropriate and pluralistic care. Because their contribution to the NHS is not matched by the care they receive from it.

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