Veganuary! Starting the new year supporting The Surge Sanctuary

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

This month we launched our first Veganuary Project! We are super excited to have a fantastic group of vegans taking part in this Advocacy Programme to support The Surge Sanctuary.

We are really excited to have (name and instagram @) - Lia (@whatliaeats), Mollie (@vegan.mollie), Lydia (@lydiasveganeats), Irina (@irinamarias) on board for this programme!

This month we are celebrating some of the great things about veganism. Mollie says:

"Veganism is something I’m extremely passionate about, so working alongside other vegans and a vegan company has given me such an incredible feeling! MoMa's Cookies are an amazing family run business who are so inspiring in the way they work. I love that their focus is on raising awareness and spreading the vegan message, which is why I wanted to work with them for Veganuary!"

Picture: Lia (left), Mollie (right)

Our advocates have been doing an incredible job so far. Lia says:

"I have always been passionate about helping others and want to get involved with more charitable work once I graduate from university. One of my greatest achievements is helping raise £10,000 for Habitat for Humanity during high school. In doing this, I first got a taste of what it was like to really help other people and make a difference.

I’ve been following a vegan diet for four years now and strongly believe that there is no reason to eat meat when it causes suffering, and we can get everything we need from plants. I have, since lockdown, become really passionate about sharing my food and life on Instagram and I’m so pleased that I can use the platform to help raise money for The Surge Sanctuary.

The Surge Sanctuary is an animal sanctuary situated in the Midlands, and they offer a home to abused and unwanted animals. I’m pleased to be involved in raising money and awareness for something that shows such compassion to animals. I’m hoping to help The Surge Sanctuary reach their aim to show society that these animals are no less worthy of a life than we are, they have personalities and emotions too.

I am also excited to help support MoMa’s cookies, I am really inspired and impressed by the selfless way the company is run and can’t wait to get started. "

Picture: Irina (left), Lydia (right)

Lydia shares her journey thus far:

"I switched to a vegan diet at the start of Veganuary last year and after getting to know the community, it motivated me to keep going and not look back! With a strong passion for animal welfare and the environment, it felt like the best option for me, and with exciting new products that always get released each year, there hasn’t been a more perfect time to give it a go!

I used to think baked goods would be the hardest thing about adopting a vegan lifestyle but I couldn’t be more mistaken. With cookies as tasty as MoMa’s, I realised I wasn’t actually missing out, but was gaining so much more, especially when cruelty-free food tastes this good!

I’ve loved working with MoMa’s cookies so far and am looking forward to what the rest of veganuary holds! The Surge Sanctuary is doing incredible work and encapsulate the vegan message, changing the lives of animals needing a home. I have become so much more invested in the ethical side of veganism over the past year and can’t wait to help make a difference!"

Andy from The Surge Sanctuary says: "We really appreciate all the support from MoMa's Cookies and the advocates.

To support the programme, all you have to do is buy a cookie box during this month! We will then donate 25% of profits to The Surge Sanctuary. Feel free to use any of the discount codes below to get 10% off!

To find out more about The Surge Sanctuary visit:

Get yourself at cookie box at our shop!

Available discount codes: MollieMoMas10 | LiaMoMas10 | IrinaMoMas10 | LydiaMoMas10

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