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Jessica Francisco

At a times, the place you call home, the place where you are born and raised cannot always offer you and your family the security and life opportunities some other countries around the world offer. THANK YOU to globalization and freedom of movement, nowadays we can ‘easily’ start off a new life somewhere else around the globe.

This may happen because you are looking for a better lifestyle, better opportunities or simply because you are just in search of something new… or just cus’!

But in reality, immigration doesn’t always come painted with happy colours of hope and strong desire to build and succeed in your new life. It also comes with loads of challenges that many people are unaware of (e.g. language barriers, discrimination, unemployment, homelessness, mental health issues, etc).

Unfortunately, conflict, violence, war, prosecution, and poverty are some of the main reasons why people immigrate nowadays, and it is increasing.

As a young person that has experienced the soft side of immigration and still faces some of the challenges till this day, I can only imagine how difficult it is for people whose reasons are violence and war, for example.

Thankfully, organisations such as Women For Refugee Women are here to support refugee women and asylum seekers during this huge life transition. Support is given via English lessons, a drama group aiming to bring out their best potential, and advice supporting them with housing, immigration, and emotional support.

Therefore, I have decided to take part of the Advocacy Programme MoMa’s Cookies UK

have launched. By taking part of this programme I wanted to be able to raise awareness about the amazing work Women For Refugee Women is doing, and also raising awareness to the many challenges migrants, refugees and asylum seekers face on a daily basis, whilst simply trying to integrate themselves in a new society - in high hopes for a better life.

On average, depending on the cookie box purchased from MoMa’s Cookies UK, approximately 15% of the profits will be donated to Women For Refugee Women. Feel free to use my discount code: JessicaMoMas20

And remember, just because this is an issue that does not affect you directly, it does not mean it does not exist! Be kind to one another as you cannot always imagine what someone is going through 😊

Photo credit: Aliya Mirza

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