MoMa's Bunny Special!

MoMa's Bunny Special!


IT'S THE BUNNY SEASON! Made up of 3 MoM'a Original "Bunny" Cookies topped with some vegan mini eggs. Then everyone's favourite... Rocky Road squares (x3).


This box contains 3 MoMa’s Original, 3 Rocky Road Treats.


All the materials within the box are recycled, recyclable or bio/degradable. 

ALLERGEN: Wheat, Oats, Gluten, Soya

May contain traces of nuts


MoMa’s Original - INGREDIENTS

Plain flour, Plant-based margarine, Brown sugar, Caster sugar, Oat milk, Salt, Dairy-free dark chocolate chips, #3CupsOfLove


Rocky Road Treat - INGREDIENTS

Plant-based margarine,  vegan chocolate chips, rich tea biscuits, Plant-based Marshmallows, #3CupsOfLove


Please note: These cookies are not suitable for people who are gluten intolerant.

Also note that all our photos are representative, our cookies are completely homemade therefore decorations and finish will vary.